Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the king lives on

my dad, my sis and i took a little road trip. we headed to stratford to check out the gallery there, but ended up heading further south to hawera to visit k.d's elvis presley memorial room . a befitting way to spend the 30th anniversary of when elvis left the building for the very last time. k.d had a wall of photos showing who has visited the museum, including the chills, push push and more recently jeremy ‘newsboy’ wells (who was doing a ditty for the unauthorised history of new zealand on people who obsessively collect). anyhoo, the memorial room rocks! so much eye candy. k.d graciously gave us a very thorough grand tour even though we came 15 minutes before the place was meant to close. bless him!

the chocka full memorabilia room. those are k.d’s suits

check out those bedroom eyes! hubba hubba

in the record room

no elvis collection is ever complete without a black velvet painting

k.d. and the king


Amplitude said...

Great Photos Kelly! Did you ever go to the church of Elvis when you were in Portland? I always wanted to check it out but was too chicken. My sis lives in Memphis, but she has told me point blank, that if I want to go see the jungle room if I come down and visit I would have to do that on my own. She also does not care for Barb-b-queue and refuses to go to Shangri-La Records and buy all the Grifters seven inches for me. What a spoil sport!

musicelvis said...

Very good kelly. I like interchange cds or dvds collection rares and bootlegs and others only for elvis fans.
a hug!!!!!!!!

Angelica said...

you tube i´m how musicelvis