Monday, January 21, 2008

big day out

i kind of forgot to post these pics from the big day out last week. 'twas a very tiring big day out for this old lady, what with the sun scorching a hole in my noggin and the shirtless, head-bangers getting more aggressive and inebriated over the course of the day. but it was well worth the effort... bjork was so good! and arcade fire were also very amazing--such energetic, catchy tunes...


my friend james recently took me to this amazing fabric shop in auckland called salvage. they have an amazing selection of vintage fabric, buttons and patterns. i especially loved the old hand embroidered aprons and the bakelite belt buckles...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

box o' birds

the andrew bird show last night was sublime. he is a brilliant performer and whistler extraordinaire. by the end of the night the audience was in complete rapture and most of the female fans were ready to make a nest with him and lay his eggs. i totally recommend seeing him if he happens to come play in your neck of the woods.

i found another crazy max parrish book. this one details the travels of the rambunctious baron munchausen. i think the cover is so very neat...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

oh so lovely!

j came back from the states bearing xmas presents from janet and george. from top to bottom: an antique make-up mirror that janet found in her mum's button box; a beautiful handpainted victorian picture george found in an antique shop in cleveland; a shell bird brooch that also belonged to aggie (grandma H); a neat horsey pin; and the teddy my mum made for aggie--which was well crafted and dearly loved. lucky me! thank you j and g with all my heart!!

crimson season

it is a fresh new year and the pohutukawas are blooming like ruby fireworks.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

crafting like mad

i updated my cloud of birds blog with the new crafts i made in the past couple of weeks. crafting lately has been a stressful but also a kind of rewarding process...i've been enjoying experimenting with new materials.

castles in the air

i found these prints at the salvation army the other day. i love their magical moody atmosphere. i hope i get to travel to a place like this one day...

dad as a young fella

here are a few cool old picks of my dad in the 50's and early 60's. from top to bottom: on a trip with a mate to ninety mile beach (nice wheels eh); hanging from a pylon cleaning an insulator (he was a linesman for many years); and posing with his cuzzies.

aroha nui

well, it's been a sad and surreal couple of months. my dad passed away, so there has been little time and inspiration for blogging. dad and i were really good buddies and he will be sorely missed by me and all of his family. this pic is one of the few i have of us together when i was a tot.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

splendid find

the fair at houghton bay school was ok, a little bit crowded for my liking. we bought a food processor that didn’t work when we got it home (note to self: test electrical equipment before getting partner to lug it home in a bitter southerly rain). however, the find of the day was this neat book called “the amazing pranks of master till eulenspiegel”. it follows the shenanigans of a rapscallion called till, whose pranks amuse and infuriate his fellow town folk. it has wonderful photographic illustrations of 3d models…

then i remembered when i got home that i actually have another similar book, this one is alice in wonderland. it was also printed in 1948 by the same publisher, Max Parrish and co. it is probably my favourite book in my book collection, the colours are so beautiful and i love the mixture of 3d and flat elements…

Friday, October 26, 2007

bring on the white elephant

it’s that time again…this is me with my very jubilant older siblings. i suspect they are hopped up on lollipops and 50c mixtures. anyhoo, i went and checked out the dowse in lower hutt today—saw some decadent and whimsical hats by philip treacy and some boring german fashion photos (i realised that bad 80’s western fashion taste infiltrated every corner of the world). i also got to see julia deville’s taxidermy jewellery (the kitten rug was repulsive, but it was my favourite—it had a wee pearl in its mouth). AND it’s gala season again—hurrah!! houghton bay school gala is on tomorrow. i’m hoping they have a good white elephant...

Monday, October 15, 2007

cooler than mtv cribs

recently i found an amazing book called krakow-rzeczywistosc i fantazja—it’s all about christmas cribs made in poland. every year there is a competition in the kracow market square for the best miniature structure depicting the nativity. i think this book is from the 70's but i believe that the competition is still going on today. the time and patience that must go into these is phenomenal; who knew such wondrous scenes could be created from coloured tin-foil, wood and glue. it is crafting at it’s most extreme.

visitor from the deep

a whale came to visit the south coast the other day. i didn't have a camera so i thought that i would try to recreate it...ok, he wasn't wearing a top hat but he was a very beautiful, noble creature. it was a right whale, big and bluey grey with white barnacles. he rose to the surface every 10 minutes or so for air. and...he took my breath away.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

sparkle and shine

here are few artists that i have stumbled upon in the last year that i find really inspiring. gracia haby creates amazing worlds through collage. she sometimes collaborates with louise jennison to make wonderful artists books and litho prints. their new online shop can be found here. i love the aesthetic of gracia's work and her titles are very clever...

{Everything that reminds me of you makes me unbelievably sad.}

{Coins in every fountain.}

{It had to be said, it reminded them of home.}

angela singer is an animal rights activist who often uses recycled taxidermy in her work. these works are from her series "my dearest, dearest creature 2006"...

and last but not least, julia deville—an amazing jeweller and artist. check out her beautiful website . she has a show out at the dowse at the moment which i can't wait to see. like angela singer she is a total animal lover, and she has a very healthy attitude towards mortality and death. a good interview with her can be read here...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

rewind and fast forward

this picture was taken when i was five and i went up mt. taranaki with my lovely sister. it was the first time i experienced snow, which was magical, but it was also the first time i got smashed in the face with a snowball (courtesy of my sister’s dumb boyfriend) which was not so cool.

my sis and i are doing a half marathon in new plymouth this weekend. we are walking not running, but it's still quite a mammoth event for my atrophied and geriatric limbs. i have taken to walking around island bay in hopes of gaining some kind of adequate fitness level, but i imagine i am going to be a shaking, shambling mess afterwards. so, wish us luck…

from chaos there is order

this week has been slightly shambolic (and what’s with this insane weather??) but there have been some lovely catch-ups with friends. yesterday i went for a quick op-shop blitz to the wairarapa with two buddies. we didn’t score much but it was nice to get out of town for the day and we had a beaut feed in greytown. the carterton salvation army wins hands down for old school ambience! there i found a couple of frames, a candle in the shape of a ladies head, and a bracelet with green glass beads that broke five minutes after I bought it. however, i restrung it when i got home with some other beads, and then i got a bit keyed up and restrung some other necklaces. it was immensely satisfying to complete something…

Thursday, September 27, 2007

time flys

my giddy aunt, is it friday already? where did this week go?? i have lots of cool books i want to share with you but i don't have time to scan them all in quite yet. so here is the obligatory flashback picture. my family were on the way to rotorua for a holiday. but when we got there, my older brother (the one in the dallas cowboys sweatshirt) had some kind of weird reaction to the sulphur in the air and his face blew up like a balloon. i like how each one of us kids is in our own little world in this photo...

p.s. i was on the radio this morning. i emailed the pic of the walkway i took last weekend into more fm's my taranaki photo competition, and i was this month's winning entry. i got a voucher for a framing gallery, which will be handy dandy, but i felt like a total dork talking on the air!

p.p.s. if you are anywhere near island bay this sunday, check out the marine bioblitz at the island bay surf club. i'll be doing face-painting there (i'm nervous!). it should be an interesting day and a neat way to celebrate local biodiversity.